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Services Offered

Sport and Performance Consulting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Performance profiling
  • Establishing performance routines
  • Managing energy regulation
  • Imagery & visualization
  • Increase team cohesion
  • Leadership development
  • Coping injury and recovery
  • Navigating athletic transition
  • Coping with burnout
  • Addressing negative thoughts and self-talk
  • Managing competition anxiety
  • Increase confidence and motivation

Individual (Online Only)

Individualized assessment and tailored mental performance plan based upon the athlete’s sport, age, and skill level to help identify goals and establish mental performance skills and techniques to meet and exceed demands in the competitive environment.


Team-Based Workshops/Events (Online or In-Person)

Designed to meet specific needs of teams and coaches, often including topics such as team building, leadership, team values/goals aimed to improve the team’s and group’s ability to:

  • Perform consistently and maximize potential
  • Overcome challenges
  • Foster team cohesion
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Develop and identify leadership styles

Presentations (Online or In-Person)

Tailored presentation/workshop for coaches’ clinics, athletic events, athletic administration, parents, and other athletic personnel.


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